Raw 'Bones

Send us some Model A stuff and if we like it we might put it on here.

Stocker motorThis what an original A-bone four-pot looks like. Looks kind of small in there, doesn't it? By the way, this was in a '30 Tudor sedan. With knobbly tyres!
We saw it at a rather wet 'All Ford Rally', at Abingdon in 2000, where the owner had just bought a new section for his exhaust, and the only way he could get it home was to fit it there and then.

Kev's A-Coupe: beforeWe've gotta thank Kev in Oxford for letting us check out his nearly-done smallblock Chevy-powered '30 coupe. Chopped, channeled, and fenderless, it definitely was taking on 'the look'.

Kev's A-Coupe: afterAnd it looks even better finished, with chrome smoothies, red T'n'R trim, and a deep black shine.

We had an email suggesting that some visitors might like to know a bit more about who writes this stuff, so if you click around here somewhere you'll find an in-depth interview.

Stock '29 PickupStock '29 PickupA nicely restored stocker - probably straighter and shinier than when it left the factory. The grille and lights look better in paint than chromed, as with most commercial Model A's.
Guess we sit on the "chrome don't get ya home" side of the fence.

'31 A-CoupePretty cool, eh?