Last updated: 10th February 2005 - Damn, is it really over two years since the last update? Apologies if anyone has been waiting for this update: it's not that nothing has been done on the pick-up, although I'd have to admit to having been side-tracked by other projects. I've probably said it elsewhere, but one of the Golden Rules Of Hot Rodding (Sub-Section: Rules That Must Be Broken), is the one about concentrating on only one project at a time. Anyway, things are moving along again, to the stage where there was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, the prospect of SVA testing has reared its ugly head, prompting another possible change in direction . . . .

If you're wondering about the For Sale notice for this domain name, well we thought we'd see if there is any interest in buying it. We obviously make no money from '', and it actually costs quite a bit for DNS and hosting fees - if someone does make a sensible offer we'd simply move everything over to '', so we wouldn't just disappear!


What's all this about then?


Looks like a '29 A-Pickup?


Yep. That's what it should be when it is finished, although it might not look exactly like this. We're gonna start with a reproduction 1929 Ford Model A pickup cab, stick it on top of a home-built chassis, then power it with an OHC four-banger. At least, that's the plan.

The theme of this website is stuck well back in the last century, so there should be plenty of talk of beam axles, carburettors, and points ignitions. There might be mention of disc brakes, rose joints, and urethane bushes. There won't be any electronic fuel injection systems, digital instruments, machined-billet independent suspensions, and on-board computers (if you do see any of that here, just remind us!).

This is the-antidote to 21st Century motoring: it's about wind-up windows, bumpy rides, loud engines. Not 'point-and-click' drivers, traction-control, electric heated seats, and ECM's.

HOT RODS are built with feeling, they're about using old cars and parts, and about doing it yourself. No one is going to be shot down in flames for using new or reproduction parts, nor paying someone else to perform work that they don't have the skills or facilities to do, but if no blood, sweat, or tears have gone into building the car, then it ain't gonna be a HOT ROD.

Some people won't agree. Some people get upset if they see radial tyres. Some people will insist that "...if it ain't steel, it ain't real...", but in reality there just isn't enough old tin to go round. Replica parts are OK, but hand-made ones are better. Just build it how you want it, but make sure you add some soul to the mix.

Follow along as we turn some big pieces of metal and plastic, a few bits of wood, and some glass into a four-wheeled flashback. There is no fixed timescale, so stuff will be added when it's ready, until eventually we should have a complete truck, and a record of how it was built. We all know how things can evolve, so don't be surprised if it looks quite different when it hits the blacktop!

The main sub-assembly build-ups will be covered in their own sections, navigated from the menu to the left, and if you want to see what's happening with our other projects, start from the home-page. If you have something on Model A's, or anything else relevant, we will consider adding it to the Raw 'Bones page, and if you want a feature on your own hot rod A-Bone we might be able to find a space.

Our story begins a long time ago . . .