Interior Design

Not too much going on yet, but you can't really do much about the interior until the body is on the chassis. It should have a bench seat, and the dash is moulded to take an Auburn-style dash, so one of those would be nice (although possibly unlikely)! There could even be a heater, as this car is going to get used as much as possible when it's finished.

We have a bench seat (the rear seat from a black taxi cab), but because of the channel-job, the transmission tunnel will mean cutting up into the seat for clearance. We have also got a heater from an early-50's F1 Ford pickup (we think), and there will hopefully be room to fit it under the dash. If not, it will probably be replaced by something like an early Mini or Minor unit.

Oh, and we've got ourselves an industrial sewing machine, so we'll be having a go at the trimming ourselves. Could be entertaining!