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This site will chart the build-up of various custom projects, starting with a hot rod Model 'A' Ford pickup, and a Harley-Davidson WLC45 bobber.

The overall theme will be one of nostalgia: the-antidote to driving in the 21st Century.

There are no fixed deadlines - anyone with any experience of building cars or bikes will know that they are seldom met anyway - and the site will be updated when there is something to add. And when we have time to write it up.

Comments and advice are welcome, although will not necessarily be heeded, and a swapmeet page will list parts for sale and wanted.

Some images will be represented by thumbnails: your mouse cursor will probably tell you if there's a link to to a larger view. To view one of these full-size, click on it, then when finished use the browser's BACK button or menu to navigate back to the current page.


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