Updated 10-Feb-2005

Well, we've now sold the old skid plate, mudguards, crash bar, luggage rack, and a few other bits off the WLC, so don't have anything else for sale from that at the moment.

As for Model A bits, we're after a '28-'29 front screen or screen frame, and door furniture (handles, latches, windows, etc.). We're not specifically after any body panels, but if you've got anything cluttering up your garage, and want it out of the way, we could be tempted - just let us know. Stashed away around here somewhere is most of a '28 Model A Sport Coupe body - at least the rusty metal parts of one - and we would be intersted in buying or trading parts for '28-'29 Model A Roadster doors and A-pillar parts.

We've also ended up with a bit of a pile of early-Ford parts, so if you have a lonely chassis (T, A, B, '33-'34, etc.), that you keep tripping over, just let us know.

Any 15" diameter four-stud wheels could also be of interest, to suit 4-1/4" PCD (Ford / Alfa Romeo / early Austin?). Steel wheels, such as early Hillman Husky/Minx, are useful, but we're really looking for something 6" - 7" wide.


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