Flattery . . . or flatulence?

This page is for any other stuff'n'guff about flathead Harleys and bobbers. If you have something to say, worth telling the world about, let us know, and we'll see if we can find room for it.

CivvyThis pretty little WLA is in full civilian dress, and is set up with a rare(ish) 'buddy seat' - yeah, it's a two-seater! The passenger footpegs are just above and behind the footboards - none of this 'knees up around the ears' for the pillion in the Forties.
What we don't know, is whether it left the States as a civvy, or like the one below . . .

Army WLA. . . as this is how many - probably most - WL's in Europe started life: in military trim. The US Army one here was on display at the Barbican Centre during the 'Art of Harley' exhibition in 1998. We're binning the fenders, crash bars, rear rack and skid plate on our bobber, replacing just the fenders with some smaller, nicer looking ones. All the leatherwork was already missing on ours, even from the seat!

KoolsvilleWouldn't it be cool if it turned out like this little custom, taken from an old hot rod magazine (they'd actually called it a Triumph!).