Last updated: 10th February 2005: Well, sort of. We're still concentrating on the A-bone at the moment, so have only been doing jobs on this baby.


Flathead fun . . . on two wheels


This is another sketch of what our 1943 WLC45 Harley-Davidson could look like when finished. Early 'bobbers' were bikes that had been stripped of anything not absolutely necessary in an effort to save as much weight as possible. Performance parts were scarce, so lightening the load was really the only way to go. Ours isn't completely stripped bare: we've gotta keep the front 'guard because it rains so much over here, and since it gets dark at night we'll leave the lights on it to begin with. The exhausts here exit through a pair of old Triumph mufflers - Trumpet trumpets? - but we'll have to see what happens on that front.

My New Bike

So, perhaps it won't really end up as a true bobber? Maybe it'll just be a chop? What about a flat track racer - those ol' WLR's are pretty cool? We're gonna make it up as we go along, a bit, although we have a vision of how certain elements should look. Whatever, it'll be better looking than the ugly s.o.b. above, which is how we got it. Just follow along and (slowly) find out what we get up to.

The bike has really only been just dismantled so far, although we have collected some new parts for it. Most of the work, at least initially, involves repairing (restoring? - aarrgh!) parts, and since a lot of this work means removing rust we have decided to start by building a shot-blast cabinet! This will hold things up a bit to begin with, but should make life easier later on.