Two tanks. Two fenders.

Not a lot happening yet, but expect lots of hammering and shotblasting. The pic shows the fuel tank - yep, some sheetmetal and panel beating practice coming up. This is the good side!

A tank

We have some new mudguards, to replace the original ones, and, apart from the fuel and oil tanks, that's about all there is in the way of sheetmetal! No excuse for not getting on with it, really then! We have sold the original mudguards, engine skid plate, luggage rack, and crash bar, which should have given us some funds for engine parts, but we . . . er . . . well, basically, it covered the cost of another new toy - another Harley - actually an Aermacchi H-D SX350, as a quick (?) project for this summer.

This is obviously gonna be another obstacle to overcome, but there is a bit of a silver lining to the cloud, as far as the WLC is concerned: the seat on the Aermacchi is not the right one. We don't know what it originally came from - probably an early Bates aftermarket one - but it is a nice tear-drop shape, and it has three threaded inserts for mounting. Obviously it needs re-covering, but the pressed-steel baseplate and the foam are in quite good condition, and, best of all, it looks like it fits the WL frame in the seat area perfectly.

A seat